What are we drinking? vol. I - 22/1/2012

At Augustus Hare HQ it's been snowing heavily for almost a week now.  This calls for a heart warming tipple. Enter: Bruichladdich 16 year old, Cuvee F: Pomerol.



This malt, from my favourite Islay distillery, is part of their 'First Growth Series'.   Bruichladdich has purchased barrels from a number of first growth classified vineyards in different regions of Bordeaux. Noticeable names include: Lafite, Y'Quem and Haut-Brion.  They have then taken their classic, very slightly peated, 16 year old malt and finished it in these claret casks.  I have been drinking the Cuvee F, finished in Chateau Lafleur, from the Pomerol appelation.  It has a deliciously fruity and smooth finish.  The fruit is entirely different to most fruity malts that have been finished in ex-Sherry casks, not being especially rich.  When it's cold outside and snow is falling, not much beats sipping this interesting and peculiar malt next to a crackling fire.