London Design Festival - 9/10/2013

It has recently been the London Design Festival – a week long celebration of innovative design and craft. London was filled with some wonderful shows and inspiring objects. Much of the week was centered at the V&A. One of the shows I especially liked there was Moleskine Sketch Relay: a stellar collaboration between Moleskine, the Festival and over 70 London-based designers

This was their brief:

“Each participating designer was asked to respond to a series of questions. Firstly, to illustrate what objects, items, systems, and details they could not live without in a private space or in the public domain. Secondly, to examine what needs improving within their personal or professional life. Finally, they were asked to draw something they would like to design, but that they haven’t had the opportunity to design before.”

The result was a wall full of the sketches, all in a wildly divergent style. The differences were intriguing. Even better though were the questions themselves. Seeing what was essential gave you an insight into the designer’s lives. Looking at what they could improve appealed to the voyeuristic tendencies we all wish we didn’t have. The final question allowed the designers imagination to really shine through.

My favourite style of illustration were the cut outs by Bethan Gray which were simple and pleasing, as well as imaginative.  I also loved Noma Bar’s stark black and white approach that made you uncertain of object and subject. And the hat that she wants to design is one that I would like to own.

Noma Bar's hat that would allow her to look at the sky whilst sketching.
Bethan Gray's cut outs, that answered the questions so clearly and creatively.
If you were asked the same questions what would you come up with, and in what style?