Augustus Hare was a late Victorian travel writer, art historian and raconteur. The name captures a traditional Englishness as well as a whimsical quality.

The aim of Augustus Hare is to create ties and accessories which adhere to the traditions of meticulous craftsmanship, are classically ‘English’ but occupy a space that is noticeably absent in today’s market: a tie which is neither dull and conservative, nor so assertive and flamboyant that the tie wears the man. Each Augustus Hare tie is conceived as a work of beauty, using a colour palette that is neither plain nor brash, and is consistent with design that aims for elegant playfulness and subtle eccentricity.

We are passionate about using English craftsmen. We have sourced woven silk from a mill in Suffolk that was founded by Huguenot artisans in the 1720s and remains run by the same family today. Our printed silk is hand screen printed in Macclesfield, the historic silk centre of the UK, in a mill that has been printing since the Eighteenth Century. Every Augustus Hare product is thoughtful, tactile and hand-touched.

Only one category of the handmade English tie has eluded us: the silk knit tie. The tradition of knitted silk began in Italy and has steadfastly remained there. For knit ties (which we love) we have gone to the finest mill in Milan where a former monk presides over the looms. Augustus Hare knit ties, in silk and cashmere, round out our range.

Augustus Hare: writer, art historian and raconteur.